Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

CFA continues its partnership with leading science teacher and author Sam Holyman to develop hands-on activities to bridge between traditional science teaching and food science. The popular Sweet Sustainable Science lesson ideas can be found here.

For the second year Sam joined CFA’s Kaarin Goodburn to demonstrate the lessons at the ASE’s 2020 Annual Conference.

They are also featured in the Association for Science Education’s School Science Review Sept 2019 and is reproduced with kind permission.

Linked to the science National Curriculum in England, as well as the GCSE specifications in science and food science., the ideas will be useful for classroom teachers at primary level, science teachers and food science teachers for ages 11–16, biology teachers at post-16, science technicians and food science technician.

Teachers love the plans. Describing them as: “very engaging, with ideas that are inexpensive and link to real life“.


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