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I’ve got science A Levels. What are my options?

You can either approach a CFA member directly for work experience or an apprenticeship, or go on to do a food science/biological science-based degree.


How and when should I apply for a job or for work experience?

Chilled food manufacturers are always happy to hear from students with something to offer. We have helped secure undergraduate placements, work experience and Nuffield-sponsored projects for ‘A’ Levels students.

For a placement with a chilled food manufacturer get in touch with CFA members directly at any time of the year, specifying your qualifications/course, what your particular interest is and what you are looking for.

Alternatively contact CFA for assistance.


What are Nuffield Research Placements?

Nuffield Research Placements are available to students taking A levels. You should contact your local Nuffield Coordinator for further information about the scheme in your area. To apply, students will have to provide the following:

  • Personal information (contact details, special requirements etc)
  • Educational information (school, qualifications achieved and qualifications currently studying, preferred subject area for placement)
  • A personal statement outlining why they want to do a Nuffield Research Placement
  • Details about any other outside interests
  • A Full Bursary application (if applicable)


What apprenticeships are available?

A range of apprenticeships are available through CFA members at different entry levels for different specialist areas including:

  • Food Technologist for those working in or starting work in quality, food science and product or process development roles
  • Food & Drink Advanced Operator for those working or starting work in the sector in skilled or technical operator roles in the food & drink sector
  • Food & Drink Process Operator for those working or starting work in production roles in the food & drink sector
  • Food and Drink Maintenance for those working or starting work in engineering, maintenance roles in food & drink businesses

Others are being developed and will be available through  CFA members:

  • Food Industry Technical Professional Degree Apprenticeship which is designed for those working or starting in food technology roles training to be quality or technical managers.
  • Supply Chain Professional Apprenticeship for those wishing to develop or start a career as a food supply chain professional


What about Graduate Schemes?

Many chilled food manufacturers offer schemes for graduates – normally with a science degree – providing the opportunity to rotate and work across a number of functions and departments to provide experience necessary to progress into management.


Contact CFA members directly:

Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd


Compleat Food Group


Daniels Chilled Foods

Del Monte UK

G’s Fresh Ltd


JEPCO (Marketing) Ltd

Moy Park

Pilgrim’s Food Masters

Natures Way Foods Ltd

Northern Foods Ltd

Oscar Mayer

PDM Produce (UK) Ltd

Samworth Brothers

Stonegate Farmers Ltd

Vitacress Salads

WS Bentley Ltd