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I’ve got science A Levels. What are my options?

You can either approach a CFA member directly for work experience or an apprenticeship, or go on to do a food science/biological science-based degree.


How and when should I apply for a job or for work experience?

Chilled food manufacturers are always happy to hear from students with something to offer. We have helped secure undergraduate placements, work experience and Nuffield-sponsored projects for ‘A’ Levels students.

For a placement with a chilled food manufacturer get in touch with CFA members directly at any time of the year, specifying your qualifications/course, what your particular interest is and what you are looking for.

Alternatively contact CFA for assistance.


What are Nuffield Research Placements?

Nuffield Research Placements are available to students taking A levels. You should contact your local Nuffield Coordinator for further information about the scheme in your area. To apply, students will have to provide the following:

  • Personal information (contact details, special requirements etc)
  • Educational information (school, qualifications achieved and qualifications currently studying, preferred subject area for placement)
  • A personal statement outlining why they want to do a Nuffield Research Placement
  • Details about any other outside interests
  • A Full Bursary application (if applicable)


What apprenticeships are available?

A range of apprenticeships are available through CFA members at different entry levels for different specialist areas including:

  • Food Technologist for those working in or starting work in quality, food science and product or process development roles
  • Food & Drink Advanced Operator for those working or starting work in the sector in skilled or technical operator roles in the food & drink sector
  • Food & Drink Process Operator for those working or starting work in production roles in the food & drink sector
  • Food and Drink Maintenance for those working or starting work in engineering, maintenance roles in food & drink businesses

Others are being developed and will be available through  CFA members:

  • Food Industry Technical Professional Degree Apprenticeship which is designed for those working or starting in food technology roles training to be quality or technical managers.
  • Supply Chain Professional Apprenticeship for those wishing to develop or start a career as a food supply chain professional


What about Graduate Schemes?

Many chilled food manufacturers offer schemes for graduates – normally with a science degree – providing the opportunity to rotate and work across a number of functions and departments to provide experience necessary to progress into management.

Contact CFA members directly including Greencore’s recruitment site and Samworth Brothers’ careers portal