Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

We’ve been talking to students and graduates to get their work placement experiences. Their stories give a real flavour of life in chilled food manufacture. And they report that it’s tasting good! Food Science undergraduate Bethany Morris talks about her chilled placement at Samworth Brothers (video). Undergraduates Samantha Cole, Harnaak Purewal, Josh Stapleford, Rachael Stothard and Kirsten Webster talk about life with 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) and Atif Allam, microbiology undergraduate, shares his placement experiences at Moy Park.

You can also hear from Food Science Graduates Beth Edwards, Lauryn Beggs, Karen Han, Leonard Barnes, Elliott and Lewis Chadley, Ellie Davenport and Rosie Wallace; Applied Biology Graduate Craig Darby and Business & Sport Graduate Leon Smith. Lizzie Goodman, Tessa Herbert, and Tanya Muzembe talk about life as Technical Graduates with Greencore. Danielle Hibbert shares her experience of working in Natures Way Foods. And Stephen Pym report on life on the Graduate Management Trainee Programme at Moy Park.

Meanwhile ‘A’ Level student Christopher Aitcheson put his numbers skills to good use during his placement with 2SFG. And Alice Gosling tells how she found her career inspiration in the University of Nottingham’s Food Science Summer School. We also talk to Megan Afford, Quality Auditor at Moy Park, and Matty Desforges and Charlie Gresswell from Melton Foods, and Lauren Wright from Samworth Brothers about their degree apprenticeship paths into the chilled food industry..

Click on the links below to find out more about each of the students and graduates experiences

  • Lauren Wright

    credits an inspirational teacher with setting her on her current path. And makes a confession!

  • Lauryn Beggs

    feels very supported in her role as Technical Graduate.

  • Beth Edwards

    loves being part of a team in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

  • Charlie Gresswell

    is sharing her top tips for anyone considering a degree apprenticeship.

  • Matty Desforges

    is finding the degree apprenticeship route into chilled food a perfect fit.

  • Megan Afford

    is sucessfully following the apprenticeship route into the industry.

  • Stephen Pym

    is fascinated by the science of food, and also the engineering side and process development. 

  • Atif Allam

    is using his passion for investigation and Microbiology while gaining valuable food industry experience.

  • Tessa Herbert

    is living her own ‘Food Unwrapped’!

  • Bethany Morris

    talks about her placement at Samworth Brothers (video)

  • Samantha Cole

    explains how her passion for food is developing into a career in chilled.

  • Harnaak Purewal

    is making the most of his opportunities.

  • Josh Stapleford

    explains how his ‘real world’ experience with 2SFG has turned into a real job.

  • Rachael Stothard

    explains how her work placement brought real job satisfaction.

  • Kirsten Webster

    has enjoyed the challenge of problem solving in a fast moving environment.

  • Karen Han

    enjoyed a work placement that developed her skills and widened her experience.

  • Leonard Barnes

    talks about life as a Food Science graduate.

  • Elliot Chadley

    talks about life with Greencore and the wealth of opportunities on offer.

  • Craig Darby

    enjoys the flexibility of his career options offered by his Applied Biology degree.

  • Leon Smith

    describes how a non-science degree has opened up a whole new world in food.

  • Christopher Aitcheson

    discovered a keen interest in statistics during his placement with 2SFG.

  • Lewis Chadley

    started his chilled career with Greencore in 2016. He’s enjoying the variety chilled offers.

  • Rosie Wallace

    is learning, travelling and relishing the experiences in Natures Way Foods.

  • Danielle Hibbert

    followed a slightly different route into chilled to find her ideal job.

  • Lizzie Goodman

    is sampling the many opportunities open to her as a Technical Graduate.

  • Alice Gosling

    was inspired by a Food Science Summer School and looks forward to an exciting career in chill.

  • Ellie Davenport

    is enjoying life as a Technical Graduate.

  • Tanya Muzembe

    is planning to turn her interest in microbiology into an exciting career.

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