Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

Discover the industry from the inside, read the latest news and get up to date information and teaching resources.

  • The Many Uses of a UV Torch!

  • Explore the science of food waste

  • Food Industry Careers in the Spotlight

  • Seven Weeks of Food Science Fun

  • Store Cupboard Science for the Summer

  • Store Cupboard Science for Schools

  • Store Cupboard Science – An Eggs-travaganza of Easter Eggs-periments!

  • Store Cupboard Science featured in IFST Magazine

  • Store Cupboard Science – Cleaning Christmas Coins, Wiggly Worms and Cup Cakes….

  • Honey Honey! Liquid to crystals and back again…..

  • A Decade of Chilled Education Scheme to Inspire Future Food Scientists Marks Ten Year Milestone

  • Store cupboard science – the sweet treat edition! Making ice cream, growing jelly babies and rainbow skittles

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