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Bubbly Honeycomb


We love another sweet treat at this time of year – honeycomb. You can make it at home – it’s crunchy and full of large bubbles. As part of our store cupboard science we made some! We used this recipe from BBC Good Food – but we used only 3.5 tablespoons of gold syrup to make it crunch!

You’ll need to get an adult to help you as it involves heat and hot sugar.  When you have heated up the mix, you add bicarbonate of soda or baking powder and stir quickly!  This makes the mixture become bubbly and double in size!  When it cools down its crunchy to eat!



So, what’s happening? Why the bubbles?


The heat in the sugar mix causes the bicarbonate of soda to break down, this releases a gas (carbon dioxide), these gas bubbles gets trapped into  the sugar mix creating the bubbles of the honeycomb and making the mix expand.





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