Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

We believe that there should be more food in science, and more science in food!

So, in partnership with the Association for Science Education we’ve developed a series of free lesson plans that use food as a material for your classrooms.

They explore the effect of pH on yeast growth in fruit juice, Lactobacillus in yoghurt, the effects of atmospheric gases on lettuce pinking, microbial modelling using ComBase, genetic adaptation in relation to E. coli and C. botulinum, and the structure of DNA.

Each of the seven sets match the KS 2-4 curriculum and include extensive teacher notes, PowerPoint presentations, and homework suggestions.

We also have a wildly popular Science KS2 MicroTrumps & Handwashing lesson plan which can be customised for students of different age groups.

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