Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

Discover the industry from the inside, read the latest news and get up to date information and teaching resources.

  • Sam explains how to model DNA using sweets

  • Chilled Education profiled by STEM

  • Sweet Sustainable Science at the ASE Conference

  • Cool Schools Update – July 2019

  • Cool Schools Update – August 2018

  • Cools Schools Update – Jan 2018 – new lesson plans and MicroTrumps2.0

  • Science and Food – Applying Science to Everyday Situations

  • Cool Schools Update – June 2017

  • Can I blow it up? Can I eat it? Exploring the science of food

  • #ASEchat – Chilled Science Teaching Resources

  • Food Teachers Centre Q&A

  • MicroTrumps in Action!

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