Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

Discover the industry from the inside, read the latest news and get up to date information and teaching resources.

  • Store cupboard science for the festive season – bioplastic decorations!

  • Spooky Store Cupboard Science ideas for Halloween

  • Store cupboard science – egg whites getting fluffy, apples going brown and invisible ink!

  • Store cupboard science – festering bread, sugar and exploding bags!

  • Store cupboard science – milk, eggs and a minty geyser!

  • Simon Dawson talks food science

  • Annie investigates the iron in cereals

  • Store cupboard science – a fourth helping!

  • Storecupboard science – colourful cabbage & lava lamps

  • More storecupboard science ideas – fizzy fun, invisible cola & bendy bones

  • Appreciating apprenticeships

  • CFA Director Karin Goodburn shares her career and passion for food science

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