Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

You might be interested in food but not science. Or you might have transferable skills or experience, such as environmental science, IT, logistics, HR, general management or finance. You can still follow a career in chilled food. As the industry develops then so does the need for high calibre professionals to manage and guide it to ensure its continuing success.

Chilled food production uses a business system called Just In Time (JIT). So it needs reliable and timely order forecasting data to ensure all the ingredients and other raw materials (e.g. packaging) are ordered in the right quantity for the right time. Not as simple as it sounds, since crops need time to grow and chilled food orders change several times a day – even while the food is being made!

Ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables, have to be planted so they will be ready and arrive to be made into food at the right time. Cooking processes need to be controlled carefully. The final product – 12,000 unpreserved fresh chilled prepared foods – needs to reach the shops in the right amount and on time.

This all needs careful long term planning and highly developed operations systems.

Could you apply your skills in chilled operations?

  • CEO – Susan Barratt

    Susan’s aptitude for maths and figures originally took her into a financial career where she developed a fascination for how businesses work. A role as financial auditor for Geest allowed her to follow an interest in food. As CEO of leading fresh produce manufacturer Nature’s Way Food Ltd, she  brought together all her skills, experience […]

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  • Group Environmental Manager – Kate Tavernor

    With her geography and science background and an MSc in Catchment Dynamics and Management Kate Tavernor looked set on a very different career from one in food. Until a role with Hain Daniels took her on the new, but still very relevant path, of environmental management. And she says she has never looked back. Kate’s […]

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  • Environmental Manager – James Cherry

    Faced with the choice between his two interests of sport and food science James went for the option which offered better job prospects. He has no regrets about his decision saying that his current role, with Greencore, offers a diversity of opportunities with always something different to think about. James’ Career Path includes him working […]

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