Imaginative Teaching Resources & Inspirational Career Ideas from the Chilled Food Industry

The UK chilled prepared food industry is the most advanced in the world, over £12 billion is spent on chilled prepared food in the UK every year. This expanding industry needs high calibre students and graduates, particularly with science-based qualifications.

In the UK the industry is represented by the Chilled Food Association (CFA). Its Chilled Education project aims to inspire more young people to use their interest in science, and food science, to follow careers in the industry. It is working with teachers, students and industry professionals to provide creative practical resources, free lesson plans and opportunities to experience the industry first hand.

Working with the Design and Technology Association Chilled Education has developed free teaching resources for your classroom. There are lessons for primary and secondary pupils on hygiene, tasting food and developing new products. And teachers attending D&TA’s Teaching Food Safely courses also receive a free set of practical resources, including Glo Germ handwashing kits, fridge thermometers and the innovative MicroTrumps game.

CFA represents some of the best-known UK chilled food manufacturers. Its members supply major retailers with foods ranging from sandwiches to prepared salads, and chilled prepared meals to desserts.

To find out more about Chilled Education, check out careers information, advice and insights from industry professionals and for more information on the CFA visit

A number of free resources are available from the Chilled Food Association in addition to lesson plans, so…

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